Increasing services under the Alpina Funding Model.

A funding model is a methodical and institutionalized approach to building a reliable revenue base that will support an entity's core programs and services. 

The Alpina model, focuses on (1) government development projects, (2) large-scale projects, (3) infrastructure development and (4) projects funded through grants rather than loans.

We fund governments, international institutions, private equity, sovereign wealth funds, corporates, private and family businesses, social and educational institutions, medical institutions and 501(C)(3).

Government Funding

The Alpina Government Funding is a comprehensive strategic model that clearly communicates the opportunity and presents a robust business model, a creative approach to funding—new sources of revenue, new business models for value capture—and innovative project funding.

As a result of increased urbanization, a greater focus on sustainability, and tighter public budgets around the world, governments need to take advantage of every possible opportunity to capture value. 

 Corporate Funding

Provide Financial Firepower

Alpina experts combine deep financial and capital markets experience with analytics.

Banks and investors demand a balanced financial structure that is well documented and based on a solid repayment, cash flow and risk analysis. The COVID-19 crisis only reinforced this trend. Successful (re)financing starts before the need for funding arises. Strategically managing your funding and projects on a regular basis will help you to anticipate financing needs and create the optimum funding structure.