Government Funding

Creativity in finding or stretching funding to make improvements.

A Connected Government

Building Connections.

Alpina is committed to helping governments, colleges, universities, hospitals and housing authorties to improve how they serve citizens, students and patients day to day.

Our team provides grant funding solutions to help communities operate efficiently and effectively, spanning all levels of government, studying and care across a wide range of programs, This can help them improve services and tackle wicked problems. Alpina offers an innovative approach provided by design thinking.

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Alpina aims to

  • increase social connections, helping people form strong and meaningful relationships and creating a sense of community and belonging, and helping people feel more connected
  • support governments, colleges, universities, housing authorities to build on their existing work, e.g. by reaching more people, or working in a new area or with a different method or group of people
  • encourage them to join up with others locally
  • Use learning to inform longer term policy and funding decisions.

Reimagining services

New ways of solving problems, creating unique experiences, and accelerating service delivery performance.

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