Our corporate trustee board comprises four director roles:

  • two independent directors, one of whom serves as the board chair, are appointed by the board
  • two member directors are elected by eligible voting members on a rolling basis of one position each year

    All directors generally serve four-year terms, to a maximum of five terms. The trustee may also appoint non-directors to serve as members of the Management team.

    Our directors and non-director bring a wealth of experience and diverse knowledge to help guide our funding programmes. 

    Meet the Management team behind

    P. Shelke

    Director UK Operations

    N. Ahmad

    EME Director

    S. Sumer

    Head of finance

    J. Gallo

    Accounting Auditor

    L. Ecin

    Chief RIsk Officer

    E. Morren
    Non-Executive Director

    Our U.S. Senior Management Team 

    They operate as a dynamic team that guides our organization towards sustainable and further expansion.
    Both experienced and skilled, our U.S. management team is eager to take up the challenges ahead. 

    The Supervisory Board Members advise the Management Board and are directly involved in decisions of fundamental importance. It works together closely with the Management Board in a cooperative relationship of trust and for the benefit of the company. 


    Interested in working together?